Collect data from your target websites with mere clicks.

Spend more time analyzing.


Mine Data

Data mining and crawling your target website has become as easy as clicking a button.

Use Data

Click a button to export your mined data as CSV, XLSX, JSON. You can also upload your data to cloud with a click and download it from another device from your dashboard.

List Data

List your data with a click and create recursive income from your unique mined data. List high-demand data to optimize your income rapidly. You can also buy data from your dashboard.

Data Mining Software

1. Choose and navigate in your target site, when ready click Scrape. Use the Crawl checkmark if you want to automatically crawl the pages and content in your target.

2. List what you've scraped and earn money every time your data is purchased. You can list your items individually or click on List All to list them all in one go. You can also use the Auto List checkmark and automatically push your items as soon as you scrape them.

3. Export what you've scraped as JSON and use them in your programming projects. You can also export them as XLSX (CSV) and use applications like Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers for analysis.



1. Search for the data that you need, filter them by the URL, parameters, and the time they're mined. If you find what you need, you can bulk-buy them with a click and use them instantly. If you don't find what you're looking for, add them as a task.

2. You can find the data you've bought -or listed them yourself through the app- right here in your dashboard. You can also add what data you need as a task for all the miners from all over the world to get on it right away. Furthermore, you can get a review of your listings, sales, and purchases right here in the dashboard.

3. You can 1-click buy the data you need, and immediately export them as JSON or XLSX. The same goes for the data you request to be mined as a task.